GET /types

Lists the objects that integrate with RBAC and demonstrates the permissions that can be constructed by picking the appropriate object_type, action, and instance triple. Authentication is required.

The has_instances flag indicates that the action permission is instance-specific if true, or false if this action permission does not require instance specification.

Response format

Returns a 200 OK response with a listing of types.

For example:

[{ "object_type": "node_groups",
   "display_name": "Node Groups",
   "description": "Groups that nodes can be assigned to."
   "actions": [{ "name": "view",
                 "display_name": "View",
                 "description": "View the node groups",
                 "has_instances": true
                 "display_name": "Configure",
                 "description": "Modify description, variables and classes",
                 "has_instances": true
                }, ...]

Error responses

Returns a 401 Unauthorized response if no user is logged in.

Returns a 403 Forbidden response if the current user lacks permissions to view the types.