Resolved issues

The autoloader is confused by short paths

This release fixes a regression that prevented Puppet from running when the current working directory was a short path (8.3). PUP-11184

Superclass mismatch causes regression

A performance patch and require_relative caused a regression on systems where paths included symlinks. This release reverts the performance patch on *nix systems. PA-4037

Default timeout ignores services

Previously, default timeouts caused issues on when services took longer than 10 seconds to change state. You can now specify the default timeout value for syncing service properties. PUP-10925

User attributes ignores forcelocal

This release fixes an issue where setting forcelocal => true on a user resource checked the resource's home and shell attributes against their values from the directory service provider. Contributed by community member natemccurdy. PUP-11241

fails to install packages on if another pkg install is running

Installing packages on with the pkg command does not work if another instance of pkg is already running. Now tries the install command 5 times, and only fails if the package cannot be installed. PUP-11208

The facter_interactive.bat and run_facter_interactive.bat files are missing

This release packages the missing facter_interactive.bat and run_facter_interactive.bat files on . These files already existed in the repository, but they were not packaged in the MSI. PA-3700

The concat module ignores the ENC environment

This release fixes an issue where an ENC-specified environment was not pushed during a run. This caused indirector requests with no specified environment to default to using an incorrect environment. PUP-11265

Util::JSON.dump receives non-hash options

Previously, Puppet's /puppet/v3/file_metadatas REST API failed if the multi_json gem was uninstalled or when it was running puppetserver from source. PUP-11237