Add multiple tag values

Adding multiple tag values to a tag key can help you group nodes more efficiently.

By assigning multiple values to tag, you can create sub-groups of nodes grouped by a particular tag. For example, if you have an existing tag, environment with a value of production, you might wish also to add values of test and pre-production to define nodes in those environments too.

You cannot add new values to existing tags by editing them. The following procedure explains how to add new values correctly.

  1. On the Nodes page, select the nodes to which you want to add the new tag.
    Important: Do not select nodes that already use the tag key whose value you want to change. If you do that, the existing tag value is changed, no additional value is added for the tag.
  2. Click Assign tags.
  3. On the side panel that appears on the right of the screen:
    1. In the Tag key field, type the name of the key to which you want to add a new value.
    2. Next, enter a new value for the tag in the Tag value field. This action does not overwrite any existing values for the selected tag key provided that none of the selected nodes already use the selected tag key.
    3. Click Close.
      The tag with the new value is assigned to the selected nodes.