Assign a tag to a node

You can assign tags to a single nodes on the Node Details pages.

Assigning a tag involves creating a tag key and, optionally, a tag value for that key. For example, if you want to group all nodes by in your production environment you would assign environment as the tag key and production as the tag value.

A node can have multiple tags. The tags assigned to a node are displayed as badges at the top of the node's Node Details page.

  1. On a Node Details page, click Assign tags.
  2. On the side panel that appears on the right of the screen:
    1. Enter a name for the tag in the Tag key field.
    2. Next, enter a value for the tag in the Tag value field.
      This step is optional but it's a good idea to add a tag value at this point. A tag can have more than one value.
    3. Click Confirm.
      The new tag badge appears at the top of the Node Details page.
      Note: To remove a tag from a node, click the x on the tag badge at the top of the Node Details page.