Remove tags from nodes

You can remove tags from single or multiple nodes.

You can remove a tag from a single node by removing the tag badge on the node's Node Details page.

To remove a tag from several nodes at one time:

  1. On the Nodes page, click Create Filter and select the Filter by tags tab on the dialog box that opens.
  2. Click Add filter and select the Tag Key from the drop-down list.
  3. The Operator drop-down list gives you two options:
    • Select Is assigned to retrieve a list of nodes that use the selected Tag Key.
    • Select Equals and add a tag Value to search for nodes where the selected tag key has a specific value. This is useful in cases where you have assigned more than one tag value to a tag key.
  4. Click Update and then Apply all to see your search results.
  5. Select the nodes from which you want to remove the tag in the search results table.
  6. Click Assign tags and remove the relevant tag badge in the Common tags area of the Assign tags side panel that appears.
  7. Click Close to remove the tag from the selected nodes.