Filtering and exporting data

Create custom filters and customize table views to view vulnerability data most important to you, or for backup purposes, export data to a CSV file.

Create custom filters

You can create a list of nodes or vulnerabilities for further investigation by creating a custom filter with multiple criteria.

  1. On any listing or details page, click Create filter.
  2. Select a Field.
  3. Select an Operator:
    Operator Filter for resources where the value of the field:
    Equals is an exact match to the value you specify.
    Not equal to is anything except an exact match to the value you specify.
    Contains contains the value you specify.
    Does not contain does not contain the value you specify.
  4. Enter a Value.
  5. Click Add filter.
  6. To add criteria to the filter, click Add another filter.
  7. As needed, repeat these steps to add additional filters.
  8. To display the filtered list, click Apply all.

Customize table views

Customize each table view by showing or hiding table columns on any of the node or vulnerability pages.

  1. On any listings or details page, click Columns +/-.

    By default, all available table columns are selected.

  2. To hide a table column, click the column header to remove the selection indicator (tick icon).
  3. To confirm your selections, click Apply.

Export data

To keep a backup of data relating to nodes or vulnerabilities, download a CSV file that contains the same information as the page you are currently viewing, including all filter selections.

To download resource data as a .csv file, click Export. The filename is <ui_page>_<timestamp>.csv, for example pd_export_highest_risk_vulnerabilities_2019-06-17_1054.csv.