Puppet Enterprise sources

You can install a single Puppet Enterprise source to gather information on and run vulnerability remediation tasks against.

Add Puppet Enterprise (PE) credentials to authenticate your Puppet account and discover nodes running PE. Once added, your Puppet Enterprise nodes are visible on the Resources dashboard in the Remediate UI.

We do not recommend discovering PE nodes using other sources. Although Remediate deduplicates these nodes in most cases, you might see some duplications of PE nodes discovered using other sources. In particular, Remediate is not able to deduplicate PE nodes without agents in these instances.

Parameter Description
Name A unique and descriptive name to identify this source.
Puppet Enterprise URL

The hostname or URL of your Puppet Enterprise server e.g. puppet.domain.com, or https://puppet.domain.com.

Remediate uses the Puppet Enterprise Orchestrator API to run tasks on your Puppet Enterprise nodes.

Puppet authentication token The Puppet authentication token. This is generated by using the puppet-access command in Puppet Enterprise.

For more information on using the puppet-access command, see https://puppet.com/docs/pe/latest/rbac_token_auth_intro.html