Review Latest events

View a list of latest events and drill down to see useful information about each one.

The Latest events page provides a quick glance at the status of each event, organized by the type of event, and sorted by the date and time of when each event succeeded or failed. Access the The Latest events page by clicking Latest events on the navigation sidebar.

The Latest events metrics bar at the top of the page shows:

  • The total number of task and discovery runs.
  • The total number of discovery runs.
  • The total number of task runs.

The Latest events table lists the following information:

Column Description
Event The type of event: Discovery or Tasks. Click the name of the event in this column to go to dedicated page for this event.
Status The completion status of the event:
  • Succeeded
  • Failed
  • Pending
  • Running
Initiated by The name of the user who started the job.
Submission time When the month, day, year and time the event was started.

Filter events by status by using the drop-down list at the top of the table.