Tasks events

The Task event page provides the following information about the task that was ran on nodes.

To view details on all task or discovery events, select Tasks from the drop-down menu on the Latest events table.

The Metrics bar on the Discover data page that opens, provides information on:

  • The total number of jobs relating to the task event. Each task event has two jobs:
    • Run task on node.

    • Discover resources on the node.

  • The total number of jobs that failed.
  • The latest task event status.
  • Information on who initiated the last task run event.
  • The date and time the task run event started.

The Task data table provides the following information:

Event detail Description
Status The job status:
  • Succeeded

  • Failed

  • Pending

  • Running

Source Your configured source: vulnerability scanner or infrastructure source.
Job details The command output from running the task and the number of facets discovered. Each facet represents a set of related attributes, each one independently maintained, that describe a certain aspect of a discovered resource; node, package, or container.
Completion time The time the task completed.

Filter jobs by status by using the drop-down list at the top of the table.