Upgrade Remediate from a custom registry

You can also upgrade to a new version of Puppet Remediate if you use a custom registry with a few simple commands.

Before you begin

Prior to upgrading Remediate using a custom Docker registry, check that you have carried out the following prerequisite tasks:

  • Make sure you meet the system requirements for installing and running the new version of Remediate, and that you have received your license.
  • Ensure that your license is added to the nodes where you want to install the Remediate images.
  • If you use a custom Docker registry to store the Remediate Docker images, you must set the REGISTRY environment variable to point to the URL of your custom docker registry, e.g.:
    export REGISTRY=my-custom-docker-registry.local.net

    In this example, Remediate contacts my-custom-docker-registry.local.net to download the docker images it needs.

  1. Download the Remediate Docker Compose file to the same directory as your license.
    Note: If you want to manually validate the signature, see Verify Docker Compose file for online installs for more information.
  2. Stop Remediate:
    docker-compose run remediate stop
  3. Run the Remediate start command ⁠(replacing your-license.json with your own license):
    docker-compose run remediate start --license-file your-license.json
    The container images are pulled from the custom registry location specified by your REGISTRY environment variable.