Upload scripts

Uploaded Linux and Windows scripts are converted into tasks to run on vulnerable nodes and help fix vulnerabilities.

You can upload any script that can be executed from PowerShell on Windows, or a shell on Linux. You must ensure the scripting language is installed on the nodes where you want to run your task as Remediate does not check for this, and you get an error if the relevant language interpreter is not present.

  1. On the sidebar, click Manage tasks, and then click Add tasks.
  2. On the Upload file page, select Add Linux script or Add Windows script.
  3. Select your script, and then click Open.
    Tip: If you upload both a Linux and Windows script, they are converted and combined into one task that can run on either operating system.
  4. Click Confirm details.
  5. On the Add details page, enter a name and description for the task.
  6. Click Save task.

    The Settings page appears, and your task is now available and is listed in the Tasks table.

    Note: If you want to update a previously uploaded script, you must delete the existing script on the Manage Tasks page first, before uploading the updated version using the method described above.