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Puppet.com Community Forum Launches
March 14, 2008
Puppet.com has officially launched the Puppet.com Community Forum. The forum will be dedicated to building an online community for puppeteers and puppet enthusiats all over the world. The forum will offer all types of news, information and resources related to puppetry. Puppet.com will periodically offer members discounts and special offers to use to shop at Puppet.com. Membership is free and is open to anyone that wants to join. The forum is located at forum.puppet.com
Puppet.com to Launch Puppetry Forum
March 5, 2008
Puppet.com has announced that it is launching an online forum devoted to puppetry and puppet enthusiasts. The new forum will allow Puppet.com users to interact with each other and learn the ins and outs of puppetry. The forum will serve all skill levels from beginners to professional puppeteers. The Puppet.com forum is expected to launch this month and will be promoted on Puppet.com.
Puppet.com Adds Hundreds of Puppet Products
February 27, 2008
Puppet.com is adding hundreds of products from over a dozen manufacturers. Our goal is to give our customers a wide selection of quality products to choose from to make their shopping experience fun and effortless. Over the next 1-2 weeks, we'll continue to add even more puppets and puppetry products.
Puppet.com Launches New Website
February 21, 2008
StuffedAnimals.com, Inc. has announced the launch of Puppet.com, an Internet retailer of puppets, puppet theaters, and puppet accessories. The new store marks StuffedAnimals.com, Inc.'s company wide migration to a new and improved ecommerce and order fulfillment system that will become the standard platform for all of our existing and future stores. Puppet.com will eventually offer hundreds of styles of puppets and related products. Plans for a puppetry based community forum and workshops are also being made.
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