What is Impact Analysis?

Reduce error rates and get a lens into the future state of your infrastructure by seeing the impact of changes to your Puppet code before you make them. Adding Impact Analysis to Puppet Enterprise lets you see how many nodes will be thrown out of policy, preview configuration drift, and get a heads up on dependencies to make better business decisions with each change to your infrastructure code.

Commit with Confidence

Every code deployment can have an unintentional impact on your business, from service interruptions to data loss and downtime. Avoid costly, time-wasting rollbacks and keep your team focused on delivering value-add solutions with vital insights from Impact Analysis.

Protect Revenue

Unexpected business downtime and service disruption have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Sustain Velocity

Avoid problems with code changes that slow down your teams, add to rework, and frustrate customers.

Maintain Your Reputation

Downtime can violate SLAs and cause customers — internal and external — to lose trust in you.