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Puppet Enterprise

Install Puppet Enterprise and manage your infrastructure configuration with both task-based and model-driven automation in a single solution.

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Continuous Delivery for PE

Learn about this purpose-built tool that fully integrates with your Puppet Enterprise infrastructure to provide continuous integration and continuous delivery of your Puppet code.

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Puppet Comply

Assess the infrastructure you manage with Puppet Enterprise against CIS Benchmarks — the best practices for securely configuring systems from the Center for Internet Security (CIS).

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Open source Puppet

Learn how to install and use open source Puppet to manage your infrastructure with model-driven automation.

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Learn to use Bolt to execute commands on remote systems, distribute and execute scripts, and run Puppet tasks or task plans on remote systems that don’t have Puppet installed.

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Puppet Development Kit

The shortest path to creating better Puppet modules. Provides integrated testing tools and a command line interface to help you develop, validate, and test modules.

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New to Puppet?

If you're new to Puppet, we recommend the following resources to get you started:

Learn Puppet

Puppet offers expert training in methods that work best for you, from the classroom to your home.

Visit Puppet Education

Share and Reuse Puppet Modules

Puppet Forge is the community for sharing Puppet solutions. Download helpful code that others have contributed, share your own reusable modules, and check out step-by-step tutorials for eliminating soul-crushing work.

Visit Puppet Forge

Additional Resources

Explore Puppet Patterns and Tactics

Learn more about how to operate PE at scale, with our field-tested architectural reference patterns and validated tactics for designing, managing, and optimizing a world-class PE installation, all based upon the work of Puppet’s Customer Success department.