Known issues

facts task fails on Windows targets with Facter 3 installed

When running the facts task on a Windows target that has Facter 3 installed, the task will fail but still return facts for the target. Output might look similar to the following:

$ bolt task run facts --targets windows_target
Started on windows_target...
Failed on windows_target:
Failed on 1 target: windows_target
Ran on 1 target in 4.97 sec

This failure is caused by a bug in Facter 3 on Windows that causes Facter to terminate with a segmentation violation signal when attempting to resolve Puppet facts.

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Tasks executed with PowerShell version 2.x or earlier cannot use parameters named type

When executing PowerShell tasks on targets using PowerShell version 2.x or earlier, you cannot use a task parameter with the name type. Because PowerShell version 2.x and earlier do not support type as a named argument, and PowerShell tasks convert parameters to named arguments, Bolt will filter out a type parameter before running the task.

When running PowerShell tasks on targets using PowerShell version 3.0 or later, any parameter name is permissible.

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Unable to authenticate with ed25519 keys over SSH transport on Windows

By default, Bolt uses the net-ssh Ruby libary to connect to targets over SSH. The net-ssh library requires the ed25519 and bcrypt_pbkdf gems as dependencies, which are not supported in Bolt's packaging process due to issues with compiling native extensions.

Attempting to authenticate with ed25519 keys over SSH on Windows will result in an error message similar to this:

unsupported key type `ssh-ed25519'
 net-ssh requires the following gems for ed25519 support:
  * ed25519 (>= 1.2, < 2.0)
  * bcrypt_pbkdf (>= 1.0, < 2.0)

A workaround is to use native SSH when you need to authenticate with ed25519 keys. When native SSH is enabled, Bolt will use a specified SSH client to connect to targets instead of the net-ssh Ruby library. To learn more about native SSH, see native SSH transport.

🧪 Native SSH is experimental and might change in future minor (y) releases.

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Errno::EMFILE Too many open files

This error is raised when there are too many files open in Bolt's Ruby process. To see what your current limit is, run:

ulimit -n

To raise the limit, set the following in your shell configuration file (For example, ~/.bash_profile):

ulimit -n 1024

You can also set Bolt's concurrency lower to have fewer file descriptors opened at once. The default concurrency is 100. You can use --concurrency on the CLI, or set concurrency: <CONCURRENCY> in Bolt config.

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