Inspecting tasks

Before you run a task in your environment, inspect the task to determine what effect it has on your targets.

Run in no operation mode

You can run some tasks in no-operation mode (noop) to view changes without taking any action on your targets. This way, you ensure the tasks perform as designed. If a task doesn't support no-operation mode, you get an error.

  • *nix shell command

    bolt task run package name=vim action=install --noop --targets
  • PowerShell cmdlet

    Invoke-BoltTask -Name package -Noop --Targets name=vim action=install

Show a task list

View a list of what tasks are installed in the current modulepath. Note that tasks marked with the private metadata key are not shown:

  • *nix shell command

    bolt task show
  • PowerShell cmdlet


Show documentation for a task

View parameters and other details for a task, including whether a task supports noop:

  • *nix shell command

    bolt task show <TASK NAME>
  • PowerShell cmdlet

    Get-BoltTask -Name <TASK NAME>

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