Puppet Enterprise metrics

You can use Puppet Enterprise (PE) metrics for your own performance tuning or provide them to Support for troubleshooting.

About the puppet_metrics_collector module

The puppet_metrics_collector module collects metrics from the status endpoints of Puppet Enterprise (PE) services.

The puppet_metrics_collector module is installed with PE and is partially enabled by default.

Important: If you have a version of this module, from the Forge or other sources, specified in the code, you must remove this version before upgrading to allow the version bundled with PE to be asserted.
Two parameters control metrics collection:
  • puppet_enterprise::enable_metrics_collection: Collect metrics from PE services, such as Puppet Server and PuppetDB. This parameter is enabled by default.
  • puppet_enterprise::enable_system_metrics_collection: Collect metrics from the operating system the PE services run on. This parameter is disabled by default.

Visit the puppet_metrics_collector Forge page to learn about this module's other classes and features, such as retention time, collection frequency, and parameters for specific services.

You can use the puppet_operational_dashboards module to view PE metrics.

Enable or disable metrics collection

The puppet_metrics_collector module is partially enabled by default, and you can manually configure the metrics collection parameters.

These parameters accept Boolean values. Set both parameters to false to disable the module entirely.

  1. Set these parameters to either true or false to enable or disable metrics collection.
    • puppet_enterprise::enable_metrics_collection: Control metrics collection for Puppet Enterprise (PE) services.
    • puppet_enterprise::enable_system_metrics_collection: Control metrics collection for the operating system the PE services run on.
  2. Run Puppet: puppet agent -t