Puppet Man Pages

Puppet’s command line tools consist of a single puppet binary with many subcommands. The following subcommands are available in this version of Puppet:

Core Tools

These subcommands form the core of Puppet’s tool set, and every user should understand what they do.

Secondary subcommands

Many or most users will need to use these subcommands at some point, but they aren’t needed for daily use the way the core tools are.

Niche subcommands

Most users can ignore these subcommands. They’re only useful for certain niche workflows, and most of them are interfaces to Puppet’s internal subsystems.

Puppet Enterprise-specific subcommands

Puppet Enterprise (PE) has some unique subcommands, such as puppet infrastructure. For reference information about these commands, use the puppet help command, such as puppet help infrastructure. For usage information, see the Puppet Enterprise documentation.

Unknown or new subcommands

These subcommands have not yet been added to any of the categories above.