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Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise (PE) is a tool for streamlining and simplifying the continuous integration and continuous delivery of your Puppet® code. Continuous Delivery for PE offers a prescriptive workflow to test and deploy Puppet code across environments.

Note: Puppet Application Manager (formerly called the platform admin console) deploys and manages Continuous Delivery for PE and other Puppet applications. Learn more in the Puppet Application Manager section of the documentation.
To harness the full power of Puppet Enterprise® (PE), you need a robust system for testing and deploying your Puppet code. Continuous Delivery for PE offers prescriptive, customizable workflows and intuitive tools for Puppet code testing, deployment, and impact analysis, helping you ship changes and additions with speed and confidence.
Important: Before you use the product and its documentation, review the Copyright and trademark notices.
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Release notes
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Getting started guide
Key concepts
Install Puppet Application Manager
Install Continuous Delivery for PE
If you are upgrading to the 4.x series from a version in the 3.x series: Migrate 3.x data to 4.x
Configure and manage access
Configuring job hardware and integrate with source control and PE.
User permissions and groups
Creating and managing workspaces
Continuously deliver Puppet code
Create jobs to test code
Preview potential impacts of new code
Construct pipelines
Deploy Puppet code
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Puppet Development Kit
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Critical Considerations for Continuous Delivery ebook
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