Deploy code manually

Use the manual deployment workflow to push a code change to a specific node group on demand.

  1. In the Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise (PE) web UI, go to Control repos and select the control repo you want to deploy code from.
  2. Click Manual actions > New deployment.
  3. Select the branch that has the code changes you want to deploy, select the commit you want to deploy, and then select your PE instance.
    Tip: When setting up a manual deployment for a regex branch pipeline, the commit at the HEAD of your feature branch is automatically selected.
  4. Select the Puppet environment you want to deploy code to.
  5. Select a deployment policy.
  6. Optional: Depending on the selected deployment policy, set termination conditions for the deployment, and choose the number of nodes that can fail before the deployment is stopped.
  7. Give the deployment a name, and then click Deploy.
    You can monitor the deployment's progress on the Deployment details page that opens after you click Deploy.