User group endpoints

Groups are used to assign roles to a group of users, which is more efficient than managing roles for each user individually. Unlike the v1/groups endpoint, the v2/groups endpoint has an optional validate query parameter, allowing you to validate that a group exists on the ldap server before creating it.

POST /groups

Create a new remote group and attach roles to it that are specified in its roles list. Authentication is required.

Request format

The endpoint accepts a JSON body containing the following keys:
Key Definition
login Defines the group for an external IdP. This could be an LDAP login or a SAML identifier for the group. Required.
role_ids An array of role IDs to assign to the group initially. Required.
display_name The name of the group that displays in the console. If this represents an LDAP group, the LDAP group display name will override it. Optional.
validate Validate that the group exists on the LDAP server prior to creating it. Defaults to true. If false, the group is not validated against LDAP. Optional.
    "login": "augmentators",
    "role_ids": [1,2,3]
    "display_name: "The Augmentors"

Response format

If the new remote group is created successfully, "303 See Other" with a location header pointing to the new resource is returned.

Error response

"409 Conflict" is returned if the new group conflicts with an existing group.