LDAP endpoints

Use the LDAP v2 ds (directory service) API endpoints to get information about the LDAP directory service.

GET /ds

Get information about your directory service. Authentication is required.

Response format

Returns an array of currently configured LDAP servers, or an empty array if no LDAP servers have been configured.

For example:
    "id": "6e33eb78-820f-463a-a65c-e1ef291d59a8",
    "help_link": "https://help.example.com",
    "ssl": true,
    "group_name_attr": "name",
    "group_rdn": null,
    "connect_timeout": 15,
    "user_display_name_attr": "cn",
    "disable_ldap_matching_rule_in_chain": false,
    "ssl_hostname_validation": true,
    "hostname": "ldap.example.com",
    "base_dn": "dc=example,dc=com",
    "user_lookup_attr": "uid",
    "port": 636,
    "login": "cn=ldapuser,ou=service,ou=users,dc=example,dc=com",
    "group_lookup_attr": "cn",
    "group_member_attr": "uniqueMember",
    "ssl_wildcard_validation": false,
    "user_email_attr": "mail",
    "user_rdn": "ou=users",
    "group_object_class": "groupOfUniqueNames",
    "display_name": "Acme Corp Ldap server",
    "search_nested_groups": true,
    "start_tls": false

You must be assigned the directory_service:edit permission to view all fields; otherwise, only the display name of the directory server is returned.