Set up r10k

Set up r10k as your code management tool before you begin.

Before you begin
Consider upgrading from r10k to Code Manager. Code Manager is the recommended tool for managing Puppet code in PE. If you use Code Manager, you do not need to manually manage or interact with r10k. For upgrade information, see the related information links below.
To set up r10k, do the following:
  1. Create a control repository with Git for your code.
    Note: r10k uses this control Git repository to maintain and deploy your Puppet code and data.

    You can also use the control repository to create environments in your Puppet infrastructure, by creating a branch in your control repository for each environment. As you update your control repository, r10k keeps each of your environments updated.

  2. Create a Puppetfile to manage the content for your environment.

    This file specifies which modules and data to install in your environment, including what version of content to install, and where to download the content.

  3. Configure r10k.

    Configure r10k in the console's primary server profile. Optionally, you can also customize your r10k configuration in Hiera.

  4. Run r10k to deploy environments from the command line.