Set up r10k

You must set up r10k to use it as your code management tool.

Tip: Whenever possible, we recommend Managing code with Code Manager, because Code Manager does not require manual code deployment. Only use r10k if you cannot use Code Manager.

To set up r10k, you must:

  1. Prepare for Managing environments with a control repository. This involves creating a Git control repository that has a Puppetfile.
    r10k uses the control repo to maintain and deploy your Puppet code and data. You can also create separate deployment environments in your Puppet infrastructure by creating branches in your control repository (such as a development branch for a development environment). r10k tracks your environments and updates them according to the changes you make in your control repo.
    The Puppetfile specifies which modules and data to install in your environment, including what versions to install, and where to download the modules or other content.
  2. Configure r10k.
  3. Optional: Customize your r10k configuration in Hiera.
  4. Use the r10k command line tool to Deploy environments.