Tasks in PE

Tasks are ad-hoc actions you can execute on a target and run from the command line or the console.

A task is a single action that you execute on target machines. With tasks, you can troubleshoot and deploy changes to individual or multiple systems in your infrastructure.

You can run tasks from your tool of choice: the console, the orchestrator command line interface (CLI), or the orchestrator API /command/task endpoint.

When you run a task, you can run it immediately, schedule it to run later, or schedule it to run at a recurring frequency - hourly, daily, weekly, every 2 weeks, or every four weeks. After you launch a task, you can check on the status or view the output later with the console or CLI.

If a reboot occurs or if you need to restore a backup, scheduled tasks are rescheduled based on the last execution time. If the scheduled task running in the orchestrator is what caused the reboot, the task run appears as failed.

Note: If you are running multiple tasks, make sure your task_concurrency and bolt_server::concurrency limits can accommodate your needs. To adjust these settings, go to Orchestrator and pe-orchestration-services parameters.