Making changes to node groups

You can edit or remove node groups, remove nodes or classes from node groups, and edit or remove parameters and variables.

Edit or remove node groups

You can edit a node group to change the name, description, parent node group, environment, or environment group setting. You can delete node groups that have no children.

  1. In the console, click Node groups, and select a node group.
  2. Click one of these links (located in the upper-right area of the Node group details page):
    • Edit node group metadata: Enables edit mode so you can modify the node group's settings. Refer to Create node groups for information about node group settings.
    • Remove node group: Deletes the node group. You must confirm the deletion. You can only delete node groups that are not parents of other node groups.
  3. Commit changes.

Remove nodes from a node group

To remove nodes from a node group, you must either unpin the node or delete (or change) the dynamic rule that added the node.

Important: When is removed from a node group, the node is no longer classified with the classes declared in that node group. However, resources installed by those classes are not removed from the node. For example, if a node group has the apache class that installs the Apache package on the group's nodes, the Apache package is not removed from the node when the node no longer belongs to the node group.
  1. In the console, click Node groups, select the node group you want to remove nodes from, and go to the Rules tab.
  2. To remove nodes added to a group by dynamic node group rules, determine which rules are adding the nodes, and:
    • Click Remove to remove a single rule. This also removes any other nodes matching this rule, if they do not match any other rules.
    • Click Remove all rules to remove all dynamic node group rules from the group. This removes all dynamically-added nodes from the group.
    • Change one or more rules so they exclude the nodes you do not want in the group. This might also add or remove other nodes from the group, depending on how specific the rule is.
  3. To remove pinned nodes, in the Certname table:
    • Click Unpin to unpin an individual node.
    • Click Unpin all pinned nodes to unpin all pinned nodes from the node group. This does not remove dynamically-added nodes. If a pinned node also falls under one of the dynamic node group rules, the node remains in the node group by virtue of the dynamic node group rule.
    Tip: To unpin a node from all groups it’s pinned to, use the unpin-from-all command endpoint. This does not remove a dynamically-added node – This command only removes manually pinned nodes.
  4. Commit changes.

Remove classes from a node group

  1. In the console, click Node groups, and select a node group.
  2. On the Classes tab:
    • Click Remove this class to remove an individual class.
    • click Remove all classes to remove all classes from the node group.
    Tip: If a class in the node group's class list is crossed out, the class has been deleted from your Puppet code. For example, the module containing the class was uninstalled.
  3. Commit changes.

Edit or remove class parameters

Change class parameters assigned to node groups.

  1. In the console, click Node groups, and select a node group.
  2. On the Classes tab, select an option for the class and parameter you want to modify:
  3. Commit changes.

Edit or remove variables

Change variables assigned to node groups.

  1. In the console, click Node groups, and select a node group.
  2. On the Variables tab, select an option:
    • Edit: Edit the variable. For more information, refer to Define data used by node groups.
    • Remove: Remove the variable.
    • Remove all variables: Remove all variables assigned to the node group.
  3. Commit changes.