Migrate PE

As an alternative to upgrading, you can migrate your PE installation. Migrating results in little or no downtime, but it requires additional system resources because you must configure a new primary server.

Restriction: Currently, we only recommend migration for standard installations without disaster recovery.

For standard installations with disaster recovery, follow the steps to Upgrade a standard installation.

For large installations with or without disaster recovery, follow the steps to Upgrade a large installation.

For all extra-large installations or any size installation where either upgrading or migrating is not possible, contact your technical account manager.

Migrate a standard installation

Migrate a standard installation by standing up a new primary server, restoring it with your existing installation, upgrading it, and then pointing agents at the new primary.

Before you begin

Review the upgrade cautions for major changes to architecture and infrastructure components which might affect your upgrade.

  1. Install your current PE version on a new primary server node.
  2. Back up your existing installation.
  3. Restore your installation on the new primary server using the backup you created.
  4. Upgrade your new primary server to the latest PE version.
  5. Update the server setting in your nodes' puppet.conf file to your new primary server's hostname by running:
    sudo puppet config set server <PRIMARY_HOSTNAME>