Man Page: puppet man

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puppet-man - Display Puppet manual pages.


puppet man action


Please use the command 'puppet help subcommand' or the system manpage system 'man puppet-subcommand' to display information about Puppet subcommands. The deprecated man subcommand displays manual pages for all Puppet subcommands. If the ronn gem ( is installed on your system, puppet man will display fully-formatted man pages. If ronn is not available, puppet man will display the raw (but human-readable) source text in a pager.


Note that any setting that's valid in the configuration file is also a valid long argument, although it may or may not be relevant to the present action. For example, server and run_mode are valid settings, so you can specify --server <servername>, or --run_mode <runmode> as an argument.

See the configuration file documentation at for the full list of acceptable parameters. A commented list of all configuration options can also be generated by running puppet with --genconfig.

--render-as FORMAT

The format in which to render output. The most common formats are json, s (string), yaml, and console, but other options such as dot are sometimes available.


Whether to log verbosely.


Whether to log debug information.


man - Display the manual page for a Puppet subcommand.


puppet man subcommand


Display the manual page for a Puppet subcommand.


The man data, in Markdown format, suitable for consumption by Ronn.

RENDERING ISSUES: To skip fancy formatting and output the raw Markdown text (e.g. for use in a pipeline), call this action with '--render-as s'.



View the installed manual page for the subcommand 'config':

$ man puppet-config

(Deprecated) View the manual page for the subcommand 'config':

$ puppet man config


The pager used for display will be the first found of $MANPAGER, $PAGER, less, most, or more.