Simple endpoint

The simple endpoint of Puppet Server's Status API provides a simple indication of whether Puppet Server is running on a server. It's designed for load balancers that don't support any kind of JSON parsing or parameter setting and returns a simple string body (either the state of the server or a simple error message) and a status code relevant to the result.

The content type for this endpoint is text/plain; charset=utf-8.

GET /status/v1/simple

(Introduced in Puppet Server 2.6.0)

Supported HTTP methods


Supported formats

Plain text

Query parameters



The simple endpoint's response consists of a single word describing Puppet Server's status:

  • running, if and only if the Puppet Server service is running

  • error, if the service reports an error

  • unknown, if the service reports an unknown state, but doesn't report an error

Requests to this endpoint return one of the following status codes:

  • 200 if and only if the Puppet Server service reports a status of running

  • 503 if the service's status is unknown or error

Example request and response for a GET request

GET /status/v1/simple

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json