vRO plug-in 3.2

Released 9 July 2019

This section contains improvements and fixes in this version.

New in this version

  • Workflow to run Puppet from the master orchestrator, works with both Linux and Windows nodes managed by the master.

  • Separated the “drop facts” functionality into its own workflow.

  • Adds an optional vRA parameter Puppet.Node.IPAddress to specify an IPAddress for the node to install an agent on. Used in the event that a hostname is not yet defined in DNS.

  • Adds an optional vRA parameter, allowing you to specify an FQDN or IP address of a compile master or load balancer to install from, that is a different server to the master defined in the vRO inventory to manage cert signing.

  • Installing an agent with a user-defined environment now sets the environment in the puppet.conf of the agent.

Fixes in this version

  • Fixes a backwards compatibility bug introduced in 3.1 that required users to specify a hostname (FQDN) to the “Install PE Agent on Linux Node with SSH” and “Install PE Agent on Windows Node with PowerShell” workflows. The fix allows for IP addresses again.

  • Fixes an issue where a user specified certname wasn't being passed into the agent install script.

  • Fixes an issue where the plugin did not manage ssh HostKey checking for the ssh connection to the master.

  • Fixes shell escaping for Windows paths.

  • Fixes inconsistent behavior leading to failures during “drop facts” functionality when installing an agent on Windows.