vRO plug-in 3.3

Released 16 October 2019

This section contains improvements and fixes in this version.

New in Version 3.3

  • Adds pp_apptier, pp_department and pp_service certificate extensions to Puppet agent install workflows.

  • Adds param to run Puppet workflows to ignore changes in Puppet run. This support allows those that expect changes or non-zero exit codes from failing the workflow.

  • Adds new vRA Properties:

  • puppetApptier

  • puppetDepartment

  • puppetService

  • ignoreChanges

Fixes in Version 3.3

  • Fixes running Puppet from PE master to support multiple RBAC service URL on HA masters. Automatically selects the first in the list.

  • Fixes an infinite retry bug in the run Puppet from PE master workflow.

  • Properly purges node certs on failure of installing PE Agent with role if keepFailedVMs is true.