Note: The Puppet Plug-in for VMware vRealize Automation is for vRA 7. Starting in vRA 8, Puppet is integrated directly into vRA by VMware and does not require this plug-in. For details, see the VMware vRealize Automation documentation or contact VMware support.

Configuring Windows domain and forest on a new Puppet agent node

The Puppet vRO Plug-in contains features to install and run a Puppet agent on provisioned nodes. Configure networking on newly provisioned nodes to allow the download of the install and request a certificate from the primary server. Set up the domain and forest configuration on Windows hosts before running the "Install PE Agent on Windows Node” workflow to allow for installation of the agent and potential classification of the node into a defined environment.

Running workflows after upgrading from plug-in version results in errors

If you are trying to upgrade from plug-in version 1.0 or 2.0, note that the plug-in does not currently support upgrades from the previous vRO Puppet plug-in versions. If you're using any previous version of the plug-in, you mustcompletely remove it before installing. The vRO starter content repository includesa script to assist with removing the plug-in.

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