How Puppet Assists Stanford University to Manage Millions of Digital Assets

Stanford University Libraries handle over 15 million items, including three million eBooks, across 20 campus libraries. The Stanford University Digital Library team uses Puppet automation to help bridge the gap between development and deployment, securely speeding up the entire process.

Benefits of Using Puppet:

Fewer errors

between development and deployment

Happier teams

of developers and system administrators

Faster deployment

with more security and consistency

Challenge: Disconnected Developers and System Administrators

It’s a tale as old as time: Developers are motivated by innovation, and system administrators are tasked with security and stability. DevOps is where “development” and “operations” should come together, but there’s often disconnect in the process, slowing things down and making it harder to deliver great software.  

Before Puppet, it was expensive and time-consuming for the Stanford University Digital Library team to set up a new application server. They needed a way to bridge gaps across the entire deployment process and avoid last-minute problems that caused frustration across teams.  

Results: Reduced Friction, Fewer Gaps + Stronger DevOps

In Stanford University’s IT, Puppet united software development tools and workflows to create and manage digital library services – and keep them running in a high-performing, secure way.  

“We’ve been able to cut down on not only the time we are spending, but also the frustration.” - Bess Sadler, Stanford University Digital Library

Adopting automation across development and deployment helped them deliver high-quality applications much faster and with greater consistency. Puppet also made it easier to repeat processes, saving time and reducing the back-and-forth frustrations during deployment.

Hear Bess Sadler discuss the role Puppet Enterprise plays in Stanford University Digital Library’s DevOps practices:


Puppet was a key investment in Stanford’s DevOps practices, increasing job satisfaction for the team with fewer fires to put out and other unforeseen issues between deployment and production servers.  

See for yourself how Puppet can drive efficiency (and happiness) in your organization through automation. Try it today or request a demo with the Puppet team.