Get Started with thousands of prebuilt tasks

A Suite of Managed Puppet Services to Simplify Infrastructure Management 

We’re happy to provide the expertise that your team needs to enable your success with the Puppet portfolio of products. From installation to performance optimization, we’ll work with you to create solutions that meet your needs. 

Puppet Setup, Implementation, and Integration

Automate tedious manual tasks and orchestrate complex workflows. 

Puppet Services for the Long Term 

Partner with Puppet to align and achieve business and technology goals, and drive performance and growth across your organization. 

Puppet Optimization Services 

Expand automation to new teams and technologies, optimize your Puppet implementation, and improve the quality of your Puppet code. 

Puppet Compliance, Patching, and Security Services

Enforce regulatory policies across your infrastructure and reduce security risk with compliance content and reporting. 

Puppet Migration Services 

Maximize the value of your tech stack, contain tool sprawl, and improve cross-team collaboration with Puppet migration services. 

Puppet Training and Education Services

If you’re a practitioner looking to grow your skills or a team leader hoping to grow a Puppet knowledge base within your org, the Puppet Education program is here to make it easy to level up. 

Looking for Product Support?

Between our expert Puppet support engineers, the Support knowledge base, and the Puppet user community, there’s a good chance you’ll have your answer sooner than you think.

Contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for.