What is Puppet Enterprise?

Deploy faster, more frequently, and more securely to keep pace with modern business. Puppet Enterprise’s secure infrastructure automation and configuration management enable desired state enforcement across complex hybrid infrastructure, helping teams increase efficiency and velocity while maximizing resources.

Agentless Orchestration

Automate Manual Tasks

Automate routine workflows and maintain a consistent system state to optimize resources and reduce human error.

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Maximize Resources

Improve collaboration and visibility at enterprise scale with solutions designed for modern DevOps teams.

Automation Lock

Stay Secure & Compliant

Enforce your desired state anywhere with configuration as code — Windows, Linux, cloud, on-prem, and hybrid.

Why Organizations Choose Puppet Enterprise

Puppet Enterprise is the secure infrastructure automation and configuration management solution of choice for organizations around the world. Here’s why.

"“The more we use Puppet Enterprise, the more we find we can do with it..."

"We’ve gone from taking 24 to 48 hours to set up a development environment to where a typical server build now takes 20 minutes."

Pope Davis, Senior Director of Systems Engineering, NYSE/ICE
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97% of surveyed organizations reported that Puppet helped them increase their security and compliance posture.

TechValidate Survey of Puppet Users | TVID 2E3-4F1-80F

Fannie Mae saved $60 million USD over a year and a half by delivering fully configured environments with Puppet Enterprise.

Now, the IT operations team is "delivering IT environments to everyone in a third of the time.”

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Feature-Built for Modern Infrastructure

With sensible out-of-the-box capabilities and value-adding premium features, Puppet Enterprise is your ticket to greater efficiency and better business outcomes.

Desired State Automation

Increase predictability, reduce risk, and control your infrastructure with the only solution built to enforce desired state across operating systems and deployment environments.

  • Better Infrastructure Management: Agent-based automation applies your coded configurations continuously for round-the-clock desired state enforcement — even during network outages.
  • Enterprise-Wide Risk Reduction: Real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities enable you to find drift and compliance errors.
  • Infrastructure that Works for You: Provision consistent resources, manage secure infrastructure, and automatically enforce security hardened baseline configurations anywhere you’re deployed.
A screenshot of the Puppet Enterprise Console (2023.7 STS).
A screenshot of the Puppet Security Compliance Management Console (2023.7 STS).

Security Compliance Management

Monitor and report on continuous compliance across hybrid infrastructure with less overhead and manual work.

  • Security Compliance at a Glance: Node-level scan results allow you to find out exactly which settings and configurations you need to apply to stay in compliance.
  • Control Configuration Drift Before It Occurs: New systems automatically inherit compliant infrastructure configurations and apply the appropriate settings to every system in your IT estate.
  • Stay Up-to-Date with CIS Benchmarks: The integrated CIS-CAT® Pro Assessor evaluates your cybersecurity posture against industry-standard recommendations from the Center for Internet Security.


Security Compliance Enforcement: Automate Hardened Security Baselines

Improve security posture by continuously enforcing CIS Benchmarks and DISA STIGs.

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Continuous Delivery

Eliminate silos and help teams accelerate application deployment with automated end-to-end testing and deployment of Puppet code across your entire infrastructure.

  • Deliver Applications Automatically: Push-button pipeline creation provides out-of-the-box best practice testing and deployment. Automate end-to-end development of Puppet code, modules, and Hiera. Integrate with your current CI/CD pipeline with support for popular source control systems.
  • Prove the Value of Automation: Activity Report shows you exactly how Puppet is contributing to critical business outcomes. See how much time you’ve saved with overall automation as well as on individual tasks and plans.
A screenshot of the Puppet Continuous Delivery Console (2023.7 STS).


Impact Analysis:
Preview the Risk of Puppet Code Changes

Reduce error rates make better business decisions with each change to your infrastructure code.

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Puppet Enterprise Use Cases

Puppet’s infrastructure as code and automation capabilities help your team get more done across your full infrastructure lifecycle, from consistent provisioning to updates, patching, rollbacks, and desired state enforcement.


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Puppet Enterprise aligns your tools with your goals by helping you manage, monitor, update, optimize, and control your infrastructure. Take the next step toward better, more secure IT by filling out this form to request a demo.