Puppet Enterprise Puts Industry-Leading Secure IT Automation in Your Hands

Automate more infrastructure, manage complex workflows, and reduce risk.


Why Puppet Enterprise?

Puppet Enterprise enables IT operations teams to manage more infrastructure and automate complex workflows at scale. Using Puppet Enterprise is your ticket to greater efficiency and better infrastructure management. Powerful automation and extensions let you leverage reusable blocks of self-healing infrastructure as code to offload repetitive tasks, prevent human error, and deliver quickly and securely at scale.

Robust Automation for Better Infrastructure Management

Stop fighting fires. Start preventing them. Puppet Enterprise automation helps you bring together disparate systems and siloed teams for stronger strategy, smarter response, faster deployment, and less wasted time.

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Enterprise-Wide Risk Reduction

Puppet’s real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities enable you to find drift and compliance errors. Extensions allow you to track the impact of every change before you deploy a single line of code. Apply custom modules to automatically remediate thousands of common issues at scale.

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Don’t Work for Your Infrastructure – Make It Work for You

Puppet’s infrastructure as code and automation capabilities integrate across your full infrastructure lifecycle to let you do more, faster, in more places. Use Puppet to provision resources, manage infrastructure, and achieve and maintain compliance in your on-prem systems, in your cloud infrastructure, or in your hybrid IT environment.

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Puppet Enterprise Use Cases

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