How One Tech Manufacturing Company Cracked Down on Noncompliance with Puppet

How can a tech manufacturing company with 4,500+ servers around the world run their infrastructure efficiently and stay compliant? After a brief trial of 100 nodes with Puppet Enterprise, they knew that they had found the right solution for compliance, collaboration, and efficiency. Here’s what happened.

Benefits of Using Puppet:

4,500 servers managed

to remain in continuous compliance with desired state enforcement

Time saved on configuration

cutting down on monitoring, remediation, and firefighting tasks

One management console

dictating configurations for infrastructure code across all systems

Challenge: Just “Hoping” for Compliance

“So before Puppet, we were relying on configuration scripts and runbooks to deploy our systems and hoping they would stay in compliance,” said Alex Harden, System Administrator.

Alex continues: “Life before Puppet was manually configuring systems, manually installing required roles and features, manually installing software — and hoping our systems stayed in compliance.”

Beyond compliance, there was discord between different teams using different languages.

This disconnect would impact the customer experience as well, with a slower rollout of applications and lengthier service times.

Results: Time Saved, Headaches Prevented

“Life after Puppet is being able to identify repetitive tasks, automate them, reduce the amount of time it takes to configure things, reduce the amount of manual work we have to do, as well as ensure our systems are in compliance — and it keeps a lot of the headaches of auditing away.”
- Alex Harden, System Administrator

This organization was drawn to Puppet’s ability to run the same Puppet agent across Windows, Linux, and Unix, which provides them with a single place for server configuration management. Using Puppet code, the team described their desired state and maintained compliance in the system. They can now make changes right into the code, keeping their systems in compliance now and in the future.

With DevOps at the center and a shared single code language across network and server configuration teams helped speed up delivery, so applications could be up and running for customers sooner. “We can be talking the same language, using the same tools, and collaborating more quickly to deploy new servers,” added Alex Harden.

See for yourself how Puppet can drive efficiency through automation across your organization. Try it today or request a demo with the Puppet team.