Configure RBAC and token-based authentication settings

Tune RBAC and token-based authentication settings, like setting the number of failed attempts a user has before they are locked out of the console or changing the amount of time a token is valid for.

RBAC and token authentication settings can be changed in the PE Infrastructure group in the console or in your Hiera data. Below is a list of related settings.
An integer specifying how many failed login attempts are allowed on an account before the account is revoked. The default is "10" (attempts).
An integer representing, in hours, how long a user's generated token is valid for. An administrator generates this token for a user to that they can reset their password. The default is "24" (hours).
Integer representing, in minutes, how long a user's session can last. The session length is the same for node classification, RBAC, and the console. The default is "60" (minutes).
A value representing the default authentication lifetime for a token. It cannot exceed the rbac_token_maximum_lifetime. This is represented as a numeric value followed by "y" (years), "d" (days), "h" (hours), "m" (minutes), or "s" (seconds). The default is "1h".
A value representing the maximum allowable lifetime for all tokens. This is represented as a numeric value followed by "y" (years), "d" (days), "h" (hours), "m" (minutes), or "s" (seconds). The default is "10y".
An integer that specifies, in minutes, how often the application checks for idle user accounts. The default value is "60" (minutes).
An integer that specifies, in days, the duration before an inactive user account expires. The default is undefined. To activate the feature, add a value of "1" or greater.
If a non-superuser hasn't logged into the console during this specified period, their user status updates to revoked. After creating an account, if a non-superuser hasn't logged in to the console during the specified period, their user status updates to revoked.
Note: If you do not specify the rbac_account_expiry_days parameter, the rbac_account_expiry_check_minutes parameter is ignored.