Keeping Razor scalable

Speed provisioning and reduce load on the Razor server by following these scalability best practices.

  • When creating repos, use url rather than iso-url. If you have a mirror hosting installation files, they can be distributed straight to the node rather than having the Razor server distribute the files.
  • When matching policies, limit the number of tags you use.
    • Create tags using the has_macaddress operator to identify a list of nodes to be assigned the tag, for example, ["has_macaddress", "de:ea:db:ee:f0:00", "de:ea:db:ee:f0:01"].
    • Set the policy metadata key on nodes using the modify-node-metadata command, then create matching tags, for example, ["=", ["metadata", "policy"], "policy1"].
  • When running hooks, avoid long- and frequent-running scripts, which all run on the same thread synchronously.