device.conf: Network hardware access

The puppet-device subcommand retrieves catalogs from the primary Puppet server and applies them to remote devices. Devices to be managed by the puppet-device subcommand are configured in device.conf.

For more information on Puppet device, see the Puppet device documentation.


The device.conf file is located at $confdir/device.conf by default, and its location is configurable with the deviceconfig setting.

The location of confdir depends on your operating system. See the confdir documentation for details.


The device.conf file is an INI-like file, with one section per device:
type cisco
url ssh://

The section name specifies the certname of the device.

The values for the type and url properties are specific to each type of device.

The the optional debug property specifies transport-level debugging, and is limited to telnet and ssh transports.

For Cisco devices, the url is in the following format:


  • Scheme: either ssh or telnet

  • user: optional connection username, depending on the device configuration

  • password: connection password

  • query: optional ?enable= parameter whose value is the enable password

Note: Reserved non-alphanumeric characters in the url must be percent-encoded.