The product.conf file contains settings that determine how Puppet Server interacts with Puppet, Inc., such as automatic update checking and analytics data collection.


The product.conf file doesn't exist in a default Puppet Server installation; to configure its settings, you must create it in Puppet Server's conf.d directory (located by default at /etc/puppetlabs/puppetserver/conf.d). This file is a HOCON-formatted configuration file with the following settings:

  • Settings in the product section configure update checking and analytics data collection:

    • check-for-updates: If set to false, Puppet Server will not automatically check for updates, and will not send analytics data to Puppet.

      If this setting is unspecified (default) or set to true, Puppet Server checks for updates upon start or restart, and every 24 hours thereafter, by sending the following data to Puppet:

      • Product name

      • Puppet Server version

      • IP address

      • Data collection timestamp

      Puppet requests this data as one of the many ways we learn about and work with our community. The more we know about how you use Puppet, the better we can address your needs. No personally identifiable information is collected, and the data we collect is never used or shared outside of Puppet.


# Disabling automatic update checks and corresponding analytic data collection

product: {
    check-for-updates: false