Upgrade agents using the puppet_agent module

Upgrade your Puppet agents using the puppetlabs/puppet_agent module. The puppet_agent module supports upgrading open source Puppet agents on *nix, Windows, and macOS

Before you begin
Install the puppetlabs/puppet_agent module. Read about installing modules in the following docs:
CAUTION: Puppet 7 changed the default digest_algorithm setting to sha256. To avoid breaking changes when upgrading, either disable remote filebuckets or make sure the agent has the same digest algorithm as server by changing the digest_algorithm setting on the agent to sha256.

To upgrade on a Puppet Server node:

  1. Add the puppet_agent class to agents you want to upgrade.
  2. Specify the desired puppet_agent package version and any other desired parameters described in the Forge in your site.pp file.
    Note: The collection parameter is required in Open Source Puppet.
    For example:
    # site.pp 
    node default {
      class { puppet_agent:
        package_version => '8.0.0',
        collection      => 'puppet8'

    This upgrades all of your Puppet Server managed nodes on the next agent run.

    To upgrade on a node that is not managed by Puppet Server, you must declare the class in your manifest.

    For example, an upgrade manifest for a non-standard source looks like:

    # upgrade_file.pp
    class { puppet_agent:
      package_version => '',
      yum_source      => 'http://nightlies.puppet.com/yum',
      collection      => 'puppet8-nightly'

    You then need to apply the manifest: puppet apply upgrade_file.pp