Using content from Puppet Forge

Puppet Forge is a collection of modules and how-to guides developed by Puppet and its community.

Modules manage a specific technology in your infrastructure and serve as the basic building blocks of Puppet desired state management. On the Puppet Forge, there is a module to manage almost any part of your infrastructure. Whether you want to manage packages or patch operating systems, a module is already set up for you. See each module’s README for installation instructions, usage, and code examples.

When using an existing module from the Forge, most of the Puppet code is written for you. You just need to install the module and its dependencies and write a small amount of code (known as a profile) to tie things together. Take a look at our Getting started with PE guide to see an example of writing a profile for an existing module. For more information about existing modules, see the module fundamentals documentation and Puppet Forge.