Puppet release notes

These are the new features, resolved issues, and deprecations in this version of Puppet.

Important: Security and vulnerability announcements are posted at https://puppet.com/docs/security-vulnerability-announcements.
Important: Before upgrading, read the upgrade cautions at https://puppet.com/docs/puppetdb/7/release_notes.html#upgrade-cautions.

Puppet 8.0.0

Released April 2023.


Freeze string literals

String literals are now immutable by default. PUP-11841

Strict mode enabled by default

For Puppet 8, strict mode is on by default, meaning strict defaults to error and strict_variables defaults to true. With strict set to error, extra validation & checks are performed and fail as an error. This change could be a breaking change if your code does not conform to strict mode.

Examples of code that does not conform to strict mode:
  • Accessing a variable without first defining it: notice($myvar)

  • Accessing a legacy fact: notice($facts['osfamily'])

  • Coercing a string into a numeric: "1" + 1

To return to the previous behavior, set, strict to warning and strict_variables to false. PUP-11725

Change default value of exclude_unchanged_resources

Puppet reports no longer contain detailed information about resources already matching their desired state. Doing so reduces the amount of data stored in PuppetDB in the most common case when nothing has changed. The previous behavior can be enabled by setting exclude_unchanged_resources=false in puppet.conf on each agent. PUP-11684

Drop Hiera 3 Requirement

Hiera 3 is no longer a hard dependency for Puppet. PUP-11621

Change default crl_refresh_interval to 1 day

Puppet agent now defaults to refreshing its certificate revocation list (CRL) once every 24 hours. PUP-11602

Evaluate deferred functions lazily by default

Deferred functions follow normal resource relationships and ordering, so it is now possible to install a dependency for a deferred function and call the deferred function in a single agent run. The previous behavior can be enabled by setting preprocess_deferred=false in puppet.conf on each agent. PUP-11526

Exclude legacy facts by default

Legacy facts are no longer collected on Puppet agent or sent to Puppet server. This saves network bandwidth and reduces Puppetserver's memory footprint when using templates.

Since legacy facts are not available during compilation, they cannot be referenced in Puppet code, ERB/EPP templates or Hiera configuration. The legacy_facts puppet-lint plugin can help identify and automatically correct legacy fact usage in Puppet code. For more information visit https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppet-lint/blob/main/lib/puppet-lint/plugins/legacy_facts/legacy_facts.rb.

Legacy facts can be re-enabled by setting include_legacy_facts=true in puppet.conf on each agent. PUP-11430

Replace c_rehash script with native openssl implementation

Puppet agent 8 no longer bundles the c_rehash binary. Instead, users must rely on the bundled openssl binary's subcommand rehash. Example: /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/bin/openssl rehash. PA-4265

MRI Ruby 3.2

Puppet agent vendors Ruby 3.2. Ruby 3.2 has several notable breaking changes that may affect Puppet extensions, such as functions, custom facts, types & providers, report processors, etc. For a complete list visit: https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppet/wiki/Puppet-8-Compatibility#ruby-32-compatibility

If Puppet is installed as a gem, then it requires Ruby 3.1 or greater.

OpenSSL 3.0

Puppet agent vendors OpenSSL 3.0. If an application compiles against Puppet's openssl, then the application must be recompiled. For more information visit https://www.openssl.org/docs/man3.0/man7/migration_guide.html

Resolved issues

selinux: undefining the allocator of T_DATA class swig_runtime_data

Patch selinux ruby native extension for Ruby 3.2 compatibility. PA-4844

ruby-shadow failing in Ruby 3.2

Patch shadow ruby native extension for Ruby 3.2. PA-4843

Deprecations and removals

Remove Windows ENV patches on Ruby 3

The Puppet::Util methods for getting, setting, clearing and merging environment variables are still available, but are deprecated and will be removed in the next major release. Puppet 8 now uses Ruby's built-in ENV class to manage environment variables on Windows. PUP-11348

Remove extra cli option

The extra CLI option, which was previously hidden, has been entirely removed. PUP-11119

Drop openssl man pages and html docs

OpenSSL man pages and html docs are no longer included in Puppet agent. PA-4908

Drop Hiera 3 Component

This is a breaking change. The Hiera 3 gem is no longer vendored in puppet-agent packages, but may be installed separately.

If you rely on a Hiera 3 backend (a class that extends Hiera::Backend), you must convert your backend to Hiera 5 using the steps found at https://www.puppet.com/docs/puppet/latest/hiera_migrate.html, or manually install the Hiera 3 gem on all Puppet Server hosts. This change does not affect Hiera 5, puppet lookup or the hiera_include, hiera_hash, etc set of functions. PA-4646

Drop PSON support

Support for the PSON (Pure JSON) serialization format has been removed. Puppet agents may fail if binary data is accidentally added to the catalog without using the Binary data type or binary_file function. For more information visit https://www.puppet.com/docs/puppet/latest/lang_data_binary.html.

It is possible, but not recommended, to reenable PSON support by installing the puppet-pson gem on all agents and server hosts and setting preferred_serialization_format=pson in puppet.conf on each agent.