Use cases

Puppet Forge has existing modules and code examples that assist with automating the following use cases:

See each module’s README for installation, usage, and code examples.

If you don’t see your use case listed above, have a look at the following list to see what else we might be able to help you with:

  • Continuous integration and delivery of Puppet code. Continuous Delivery offers a prescriptive workflow to test and deploy Puppet code across environments. To harness the full power of PE, you need a robust system for testing and deploying your Puppet code. Continuous Delivery offers prescriptive, customizable work flows and intuitive tools for Puppet code testing, deployment, and impact analysis — so you know how code changes will affect your infrastructure before you deploy them — helping you ship changes and additions with speed and confidence. For more information, see Continuous Delivery.
  • Incident remediation. If you need to minimize the risk of external attacks and data breaches by increasing your visibility into the vulnerabilities across your infrastructure, take a look at Puppet Remediate. With Remediate, you can eliminate the repetitive and error-prone steps of manual data handovers between teams. For more information, see Puppet Remediate.
  • Integrate Puppet into your existing workflows. Take a look at our integrations with other technology, including Splunk and VMware vRA.