Archive endpoint

The /archive endpoint can be used for importing and exporting PuppetDB archives.

POST /pdb/admin/v1/archive

This endpoint can be used for streaming a PuppetDB archive into PuppetDB.

Request format

The request should be a multipart POST and have Content-Type: multipart/mixed.

URL parameters

  • archive: required. The archive file to import to the PuppetDB. This archive must have a file called puppetdb-bak/metadata.json as the first entry in the tarfile with a key command_versions which is a JSON object mapping PuppetDB command names to their version.

Response format

The response will be in application/json, and will return a JSON map upon successful completion of the importation:

{"ok": true}


Using curl from localhost:

    curl -X POST http://localhost:8080/pdb/admin/v1/archive \
    -F "archive=@example_backup_archive.tgz"

{"ok": true}

GET /pdb/admin/v1/archive

This endpoint can be used to stream a tarred, gzipped backup archive of PuppetDB to your local machine.

URL parameters

  • anonymization_profile: optional. The level of anonymization applied to the archive files.

Response format

The response will be a application/octet-stream, and will return a tar.gz archive.