Inventory endpoint

The /inventory endpoint enables an alternative query syntax for digging into structured facts, and can be used instead of the facts, fact-contents, and factsets endpoints for most fact-related queries.


This will return an array of node inventories matching the given query. Inventories for deactivated nodes are not included in the response.

URL parameters

  • query: optional. A JSON array containing the query in prefix notation (["<OPERATOR>", "<FIELD>", "<VALUE>"]). See the sections below for the supported operators and fields. For general information about queries, see our guide to query structure.

Query fields

  • certname (string): the name of the node associated with the inventory.

  • timestamp (string): the time at which PuppetDB received the facts in the inventory.

  • environment (string): the environment associated with the inventory's certname.

  • facts (json): a JSON hash of fact names to fact values.

  • trusted (json): a JSON hash of trusted data for the node.

Response format

Successful responses will be in application/json.

The result will be a JSON array with one entry per certname. Each entry is of the form:

  "certname": <node certname>,
  "timestamp": <timestamp of fact reception>,
  "environment": <node environment>,
  "facts": {
             <fact name>: <fact value>,
  "trusted": {
               <data name>: <data value>,


Using curl from localhost

curl -X GET http://localhost:8080/pdb/query/v4/inventory -d 'query=["=", "facts.operatingsystem", "Darwin"]'

[ {
    "certname" : "mbp.local",
        "timestamp" : "2016-07-11T20:02:33.190Z",
        "environment" : "production",
        "facts" : {
            "kernel" : "Darwin",
            "operatingsystem" : "Darwin",
            "memoryfree" : "3.51 GB",
            "macaddress_p2p0" : "0e:15:c2:d6:f8:4e",
            "system_uptime" : {
                "days" : 0,
                "hours" : 1,
                "uptime" : "1:52 hours",
                "seconds" : 6733
            "netmask_lo0" : "",
            "sp_physical_memory" : "16 GB",
            "operatingsystemrelease" : "14.4.0",
            "macosx_productname" : "Mac OS X",
            "sp_boot_mode" : "normal_boot",
            "macaddress_awdl0" : "6e:31:ef:e6:36:54",
        "trusted" : {
            "domain" : "local",
            "certname" : "mbp.local",
            "hostname" : "mbp",
            "extensions" : { },
            "authenticated" : "remote"
} ]