Deactivate node wire format - v3

PuppetDB receives deactivate node commands from Puppet Servers in the following wire format.

Deactivate node command format


This is version 3 of the deactivate node command.


The command is serialized as JSON, which requires strict UTF-8 encoding.

Upgrade notes

Previous versions of this command required only the certname, as a raw JSON string. It is now formatted as a JSON map, and the producer_timestamp property has been added.

Main data type: Deactivate node

  "certname": <string>,
  "producer_timestamp": <datetime>


String. The name of the node for which the catalog was compiled.


DateTime. The time of command submission from the Puppet Server to PuppetDB, according to the clock on the Puppet Server.

producer_timestamp is optional but highly recommended. When provided, it is used to determine the precedence between this command and other commands that modify the same node. This field is provided by, and should thus reflect the clock of, the Puppet Server.

When producer_timestamp is not provided, the PuppetDB server's local time is used. If another command is received for a node while a non-timestamped "deactivate node" command is pending processing, the results are undefined.

Data type: <string>

A JSON string. Because the command is UTF-8, these must also be UTF-8.

Data type: <datetime>

A JSON string representing a date and time (with time zone), formatted based on the recommendations in ISO 8601. For example, for a UTC time, the string would be formatted as YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sssZ. For non-UTC time, the Z may be replaced with ±hh:mm to represent the specific timezone.