Despite economic headwinds, organizations recognize that skimping on compliance is not an option. In fact, 26% of survey respondents say compliance, security, and risk are most immune to budget reduction, regardless of the economic environment, according to IDC.

Keeping up with the audits, scans, and requirements of compliance can involve significant manual effort – but automation of compliance practices with tooling can demonstrate business value, leading to a positive feedback loop for broader DevSecOps adoption.

Join us as experts from IDC and Puppet explore the issue of compliance at scale and discuss potential solutions and benefits.

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Tzvika Shahaf

Senior Director of Product Management, Puppet

Tzvika Shahaf is a Senior Director of Product Management at Puppet, the market-leading IT operation solution offering platform automation based on configuration management and compliance enforcement. Tzvika is a DevOps veteran with a background in continuous testing & traceability, defined by IDC research as one of the most innovative solutions in the testing intelligence market. Tzvika works with leading Fortune 500 global enterprises to optimize their continuous platform automation and DevOps maturity.