April 7, 2022

How the Puppet Technical Account Management (TAM) Service Unlocks Success

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If you’ve ever wondered why your teams are not performing as well as they could be, you are in need of a Puppet TAM (Technical Account Manager).

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Common Challenges for an Infrastructure Team

It can be challenging for even the most experienced IT organizations to embrace the latest DevOps automation tools and then ensure they are implemented in the most optimal way across a hybrid IT estate. Infrastructure teams are faced with increasing deployment complexities, budget and staffing constraints, competing priorities, and the challenge of supporting expanding development teams, impacting their organizational goals and KPIs. Without a clear vision, it’s difficult for infrastructure teams to achieve greatness. That’s where a Puppet Technical Account Manager (TAM) can help!

Are your team goals and KPIs clear and achievable amidst increased business demands, turnover, and other challenges your organization faces? If you’ve ever wondered why your teams are not performing as well as they could, you may be in need of a Puppet TAM.

How the Puppet TAM Can Help

Your TAM’s Puppet expertise will assist you in identifying how Puppet can best help you reach your automation goals, both near-term and future. Your TAM will help you and your team build your automation strategy to extend beyond the reasons you initially purchased Puppet with accelerated Time to Value (TTV), then help you scale that automation to other projects.

As the Puppet product portfolio continues to evolve, your Puppet workflow will improve alongside it, because your TAM understands how you use Puppet. As new capabilities are introduced, your TAM identifies how those features will improve your workflow and suggest best practice considerations.

Customer advocacy

Puppet TAMs connect everything together to address your business and technical objectives. They are the eyes and ears of you—the customer—as they build a comprehensive understanding of your business needs and objectives.

Puppet TAMs work to coordinate and communicate the status of issues that affect your business. They drive account meetings, business reviews, and discussions with Puppet product and engineering teams. This critical connection and advocacy for your needs tie everyone together and provide a conduit for you to ask questions and give feedback.

Connect and network

Puppet TAMs work hard to build deep relationships within your entire organization, and they also invest significant time and effort in developing relationships within Puppet, with groups such as product management, engineering, professional services, and support. You benefit from this because you gain many avenues for your voice to be heard, whether through your TAM or directly with these teams during Technical Advisory Board meetings. Working together, customers, TAMs, engineering, and product management help improve Puppet solutions by delivering that valuable feedback.

As you become more successful with automation and begin achieving your business goals, you’ll want to share those accomplishments with a wider group. TAMs help you build that story by increasing visibility of your team’s accomplishments through dashboards and metrics for easy sharing with your peers and management to help them understand how Puppet enables your automation success.

Proactive engagement checks

Puppet continues to innovate IT automation and our TAM service now includes engagement checks of your Puppet environment to make sure you are obtaining maximum potential from your Puppet software. These non-intrusive first-level diagnostic checks executed within your Puppet deployment assess various health components. Each check includes an assessment from several focus areas such as infrastructure, architecture, module dependency, performance, Puppet Server / Agent, operating system and certificates, or upgrade benefits.

A written report summarizing the assessment including identified risks, potential impacts, and recommendations is provided during an advisory session with one of our Puppet Architects to review the report and discuss taking next steps to address identified items.

Partner with a Puppet TAM

Discover why Puppet’s customers are thrilled with the results they have achieved by partnering with a TAM. Contact us to learn how your organization can benefit from the expertise of a Puppet TAM.

Visit the Puppet Technical Account Management (TAM) Service page and download the free data sheet.

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