DELETE /users/<sid>

Deletes the user with the specified ID (sid), regardless of whether they are a user defined in RBAC or a user defined by a directory service. In the case of directory service users, while this action removes a user from the console, that user is still able to log in (at which point they are re-added to the console) if they are not revoked. Authentication is required.

Remember: The admin user and the api_user cannot be deleted.

Request format

For example, to delete a user with the ID 3982a629-1278-4e38-883e-12a7cac91535 by using a curl command:
cert="$(puppet config print hostcert)"
cacert="$(puppet config print localcacert)"
key="$(puppet config print hostprivkey)"
uri="https://$(puppet config print server):4433/rbac-api/v1/users/3982a629-1278-4e38-883e-12a7cac91535"

curl --cert "$cert" --cacert "$cacert" --key "$key" --request DELETE "$uri"

See Usage notes for curl examples for information about forming curl commands.

Response format

If the user is successfully deleted, a 204 No Content response with an empty body is returned.

Error responses

If the current user does not have the users:edit permission for this user group, a 403 Forbidden response is returned.

If a user with the provided identifier does not exist, a 404 Not Found response is returned.